Sunday, 10 February 2013

Personal Training.

Personal Training – More than just an expensive workout
By Andy Cole.

There is so much more to Personal Training than just an expensive workout these days. From exercise and fitness testing, to periodised, tailored programming, a Personal Trainer needs to have more than just a basic knowledge of exercise. They need a wealth of abilities and experience including advanced fitness expertise, understanding of biological sciences, planning skills and a firm grasp of a healthy lifestyle. It is true to say a Personal Trainer has to provide a service far above and beyond the hour that you hire them for.
Personal training doesn’t just consist of an hour’s workout, once a week in the gym. Much of the real work goes on behind the scenes; from research and study, to designing comprehensive training cycles. Personal Trainers have the skills to structure and organise your fitness regime and lifestyle habits to help in achieving your aims. If you want to run a marathon, where do you start? A Trainer can design a balanced programme that will reach your specific goals based on your capabilities (through fitness testing), and training sessions. When properly structured, this can be broken down into daily goals and tasks. You can feel confident that when you arrive for your session, your Personal Trainer has prepared a truly individual session geared around your specific needs.
We can provide safe and enjoyable sessions but more importantly, if you work well with a good Trainer, you can reach your individual goals. We can change your objectives from ‘I want to lose a couple of pounds’ to; ‘we will lose 6lbs in 6 weeks, with a balanced diet and a specific exercise routine, based on your levels of ability to fit around your busy schedule.’ Which do you think sounds more likely to work?
Next time you are considering Personal Training, or looking to achieve that next goal, think about what the science behind Personal Training can do for you.
Written by
Andy Cole.   Dip PT, Dip GPR, NASM

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